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Welcome to SKINNOBRAND perfection. Every product trademarked with SKINNOBRAND is dedicated to those who recognize quality and individuality when they see it. SKINNOBRAND Doors wear the kind of perfection that no mere machine alone can truly replicate. With a unique combination of time-honored skills and modern technology, SKINNOBRAND is showcasing the finest ultra modern security door craft traditions in West Africa.

Take a close look at any SKINNOBRAND Door and discover a flawlessly smooth or frost surface of a brilliant finishing. Notice how SKINNOBRAND Doors are made traditionally with jointed solid wood and genuine wood veneers. Feel the reassuring strength and weight of our doors, which really is manufactured from hard wood and heavy gauged steel to last a life time. Considering the harsh tropicalised and humid weather evident in Africa, we have doors most suitable for such weather without compromises to its beauty and elegant finishing.

SKINNOBRAND Door is not only endorsed by the Standard Organization of Nigeria but by International Quality and Standard Organizations from raw material selections and production through to assembling and delivery. Certainly, the quality uniqueness of our doors is harmless to its aesthetics making ‘Choosing’ a simple pleasure. The doors are designed to suit diverse tastes through numerous luxury designs, brilliant finishes, colour, dimension and elements spinning efficiently through all the merging components from the frames, leaves, doorsills, architraves, locks and accessories to create the stunning home you have always promised yourself.

SKINNOBRAND, therefore represents a perfect brand for your homes, hotels, offices, banks, establishments…….and everywhere the desire for security door is necessary. What a reward for human labour!
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